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For the first time in the history of Israel, it will host the European Age Group Competitions in Acrobatic Gymnastics for age groups 11-16 and 12-18 in the period of October-November 2019 . It is a great honor and a huge achievement for Israeli sports.


The acrobatic gymnastics discipline combines acrobatic elements with dance and ballet moves in teams of pairs, female trios and men's quartet. This combination places the acrobatics gymnastics among the most demanding sports, which require exceptional coordination, strength, flexibility and teamwork.


The Israeli National Acrobatic Team is one of the most highly rated teams in the world today.


In the last World Championship, which was held in Belgium in 2018, the Israeli National Team had reached unprecedented achievements, including a silver medal for the country, a gold medal, and a bronze medal at the senior level alone. In addition to these impressive achievements, there have also been many medals on the Junior age groups levels. One of the highlights of the past year occurred during the Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires in Argentina, where Acrobatic Gymnastics was featured in the Olympic Games for the very first time. The Israeli delegates won a historic silver medal. This achievement is added to the many achievements Israel has accomplished in the past years, consistently maintaining its' place at the top level of the acrobatic world.


The European Championship in Israel will take place from October 21 until November 4, 2019 at the city of Holon, in the recently built Toto Hall. This is a world-class, state-of-the-art sports hall with 5,600 seats for the spectators. The European Championship will be directed by the European Gymnastics Federation, the Israeli Gymnastics Federation and the Municipality of Holon. The European Championship will be divided into two parts: Age Groups Competitions, which will last October 24 to October 27, and Junior and Senior Competitions, which will last October 30 to November 3. We expect athletes from 25 countries from all over Europe, including the world's best gymnasts, who will come to Israel to take part in this prestigious competition.